Why playgrandmasters.com?

Playing speed chess is fun but it is not the best way of improving your game. playgrandmasters.com allows you to practise in the style of slow games at any time.

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How does it work?

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skip the opening


Skip the opening partially. Move forward until the 5th move. The game will start for you after that.

play the game


Play your best and guess the Grandmaster or Engine moves. If you are correct, you will get ELO points.

review the game


Review and compare ideas after you have finished the game. You will get to see the engine evaluation and the main line.

I give you the tools to play and analyse Grandmasters' games as if you were playing against them.

The benefits?

I honestly believe on the following:

You will become a more universal player


Just like in a real game, you cannot always control the opening or line which would be played. Using playgrandmasters.com you will play any type of position with both colours.

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Exercise all aspects of the game at once


Opening concepts, strategical elements, tactical and mate patterns, endgames, calculation, intuition and time management. All these aspects count in every single game.

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